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Meet Melanie K

I found yoga in 2006, with a visit to my local Bikram studio.

It was hot, smelly and the most gruesome 90minutes of my entire life. I loved it!

After a few years of a solid Bikram practice, I realised there was so much more

yoga out there and started to attend Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin classes.

This deepened my love for yoga and I started to think about doing my yoga teacher training.

I do yoga to get a bit of a workout whilst giving my mind an hour to

switch off and just flow from asana to asana.

I often hear "but your just a normal person!'

If you are expecting some super flexible, young supermodel then you will be disappointed.

I'm your average 48 year old woman, who is happy to show up to class

with my hair scraped back and no make up on. 

You might hear me curse, you will see me fall out of poses and you will have to

listen to me tell you pointless stories whilst I hold you in goddess squat..

We will be on our yoga | life journey together embracing everything along the way.

I also love fresh raw juice.

Over the years I  have done many juice plans and made juice my daily breakfast.

I wanted to know more, so I signed up to a natural juice therapy course.

Boy it was hard! I was thrown into biology, anatomy, physiology and everything juice.

I learnt so much that I knew juice had to be a permanent fixture in my daily food intake. Maximum nutrition for minimum digestion is what our bodies cry out for. 

So in 2020, the strangest year ever, I was given the encouragement and time

to take my yoga classes online and to write my first juice plan.

Go on, change your life!

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