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Vitality with Melanie K shows you how to reboot your body with her 5 Day Juice Plan


4 juices a day for 5 days.

11 delicious recipes packed with nutrient rich ingredients.

5 days not for you?

Just have a daily juice for breakfast, or maybe 1 juice only day a week.

Make juice fit into your life.

Fill your life with health and vitality.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the plan

  • Printed edition (UK customers only)  £14.00 inc UK postage

  • Digital edition (Overseas customers only)

(via PayPal or Bank Transfer

contact Melanie to get price details for your currency)

Don't just take my word for it.

Read the following testimonials and do the plan to see for yourself, the

amazing changes you can make to your mind and body in just 5 days!


Melanie x


I have just completed my first 5 day juice cleanse and I am so so glad I did.

I have had a rubbish time with my health recently, I have MS and I am very careful with my diet

but for about a year i have become so reactive to foods and have digestive system inflammation.

I was having to consider everything i ate.

I have had the book a few months and kept looking at it longingly wondering

could I really function on juice alone? I have a busy active job working with young children,

i have a family of my own that keep me busy, could I really cope and function?

I had reached a low health wise and NOW was the time.

I feel absolutely wonderful, I have had no pain in my tummy for 5 days.

I have felt full on the juices, I have had so much energy, my mood and confidence has been good,

I have felt a lot more positive, my skin is clear, my eyes are bright and bonus is my clothes

are a bit looser and i have no tummy bloat!

Melanie has been so supportive and encouraging knowing that i would benefit from the juice cleanse.

I have been amazed. I am confident that I can function and if my system needs a rest

I know juice will really help me. Thank you so much Melanie, I cannot thank you enough. 


Caroline N


That’s it! We’re all sold on your juice plan. I’ve never taken part in any form of diet.

My hubby is now onboard, my three kids have enjoyed juice everyday too.

The most important thing for me was realigning my relationship with food and

getting rid of some of the bad eating habits.

My psoriasis on my face has gone. Completely gone. This is amazing.

Along the way I’ve lost 10.6lbs which is bonkers. Obviously I’ll put some back on but

hopefully with regular yoga and two permanent juice days a week I will be healthier!

Thank you Mel, I’m going to show my consultant your book! X"

Anjeli O

"I’ve lost 7.5lb and I can’t believe the difference in my measurements!

I’ve lost 2.5inches off my waist, 3 off my bust and 2 off my bum!

Nothing off my thighs and hips but they’re always last to go for me.

Thank you, it’s given me the push I needed to get back to feeling like myself with some simple and tasty recipes I can use without being tempted to go onto fad diets xxx"

Teasha P

"I lost 7 lb....and I am trimmer. But more importantly for me I feel calmer and more positive about life and better connected to my body and mind.

big thank you to Melanie!

And to the rest of you for pictures and general support, let's keep juicing! Xx"

Martha C

"Well, what can I say...  I've lost 4lbs but wait for this

Waist - 4 inches, Hips - 3 inches, Chest (back fat) - 3 inches

As a menopausal woman, I've had no hot flushes this week

I have loads more energy and I cleaned every inch of my house yesterday - because I feel cleansed and felt my house needed a cleanse as well!

I don't wake up tired any more and my brain Fog has gone 


Thank you so so much Melanie, I will be shouting this from the rooftops (because I now have the energy to climb up there)

Juicing will now be part of my daily routine.

Love you Melanie xxxx

Sarah J


3rd-7th June 2024

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